Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Greeny Weeny Beety

So long so long busy busy. I take some pictures of me wearing this outfit. When the photoshoot is running, the weather so HOT and I got all sweaty and soo thirsty. I have to set the tripod here and there, such a mess but I like the photos well :)And thank you for all that visiting my blog and write a comment ( someone follow me too ! ) I really appreciate it . Because my blog is new and I didn't expect there will be a comment ! Oops I drop my cellphone

unbranded t-shirt , teXto vest , unbranded short , unbranded legging , ZARA boots

Hippie overall , episode fedora , hush puppies shocks

And sorry for wearing this boots so often !

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  1. U got a cool overall :P Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Thank youu, you're welcome too . Mind exchange link ?

  3. the second outfit is really cool! i like how you transformed the shirt into a skirt!

  4. thank you emily ! but I feel really fat on that photos haha

  5. Thank you for the comment!
    That is me in the photos, with the brown hair...
    your blog is awesome!
    your army shorts are amazing!
    keep in touch!
    xxx Lola.

  6. hallo, udah ku add link kamu di blog aku ;]
    klau udah add link aku kabarin yah! thanks.

  7. Adorable photos! I hate getting all sweaty during shoots!

  8. the shoes are adorable ! You got some style there :)
    hey i'm sabila
    mind exchanging links ?

  9. your shoes are awesome dear, but why you wore that army short, i mean,it could be great if you wearing a black short or another kinda short pants.i'm sorry dear.this is just my opinion :)

  10. Lola: thanksss
    onic : oke thanks yaaa
    Leproust Vintage: thanks ! yes It's make us feel uncomfortable , right ?
    Sabila: thanks ! I really enjoy your blog, of course I don't mine :)
    fitri : thanks,it's okay, people always have their own opinion.